Training Course “NEETs to Work”

  • I participated the training course “NEETs to Work – Soft Skills to Employability” by Associação de Defesa do Património Cultural e Natural de Soure (ADPCNS). Our aim was to improve competences and knowledge of youth workers about the labour market in order to help young NEET to better develop their employability skills. 24 youth workers from different 11 countries took part (Soure, Portugal, 2 – 10 October 2017)

Youth Exchange “GYPSI”

  • As being the group leader we participated to the youth exchange “GYPSI – Generation of Youngsters Promoting Social Inclusion!” organised by Asociatia Pro Xpert Romania. Together with 56 young people from different 7 countries we had workshops to raise awareness on issues related to promoting diversity, intercultural and inter-religious dialogue, common values of freedom, tolerance and respect of human rights (Râmnicu Vâlcea, Romania, 3 – 11 September 2017)

Gokcetepe Adventure Park

  • I worked as coordinator of Gokcetepe Adventure Park. We organised youth camps for teenagers. We served 10000 people during summer. Up to 1000 youngsters participated each week (Gokcetepe Natural Park, Kesan, Edirne, July – August 2017)

“Prevention of radicalization and terrorism among youth by non-formal education”

  • Together with 27 youth workers from different 8 countries, I participated the training course “Prevention of radicalization and terrorism among youth by non-formal education” by SVČ Ivančice (Ivančice, Czechia, 4 – 10 December 2016)

An Environmental Project “RAISE”

  • As an observer i participated the 3rd steering committee meeting of Key Action 2 Project “RAISE – Raising Awareness Among Young People” by Republic of Turkey Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs’ 6th Regional Directorate (Athens, Greece, 29 – 30 November 2016)