Structured Dialogue


This Action promotes the active participation of young people in democratic life and fostersdebate around topics centred on the themes and priorities set by the Structured Dialogue and the renewed political framework in the youth field.Structured Dialogue is the name used for discussions between young people and youth policy-makers in order to obtain results which are useful for policy-making. The debate isstructured around priorities and timing and foresees events where young people discuss the agreed themes among themselves and with policy-makers, youth experts and representatives of public authorities in charge of youth. More information about StructuredDialogue is available on the European Commission’s website.

In addition, in line with the annual Work Programme adopted by the Commission, priority will be given to projects that pursue one or more of the relevant priorities described in the introduction chapters on “Youth” in Part B of the Programme Guide.


Structured Dialogue projects can take the form of meetings, conferences, consultations and events. These events promote the active participation of young people in democratic life in Europe and their interaction with decision-makers. As a concrete result of these events, young people are able to make their voice heard (through the formulation of positions, proposals and recommendations) on how youth policies should be shaped and implemented in Europe.
There are two main activities:

1- National Meetings

2- International Meetings


In the national one you don’t need to have any international partners.

Activity needs to involve at least 30 young people.

Participants must be between age 13-30. No age limit for experts, politicians and decision makers.


Who can apply ?

Any organisations (NGOs, Governmental Organisations) from Programme Countries or from Partner Countries may apply and/or become partners.

How many partners?

For national meetings there is only aplicant organisation. For internal meetings at least 2 partners needed.

Project duration?

Between 3 months and 2 years.

Where you can realise your projects?

In any countries of partner organisations.

Where to apply?

Coordinator applies to its National Agency. Partners do not need to send application to their national agencies.


There are 2 deadlines in 2014 (30 April or 01 September, until noon 12.00)


30 April 2014 if your project is in between 01 September 2014 – 28  February 2015

01 October 2014 if your project is in between 01 February 2015 – 30 September 2015


In 2015 there will be 3 deadlines for this action.


For more info please refer to the program guide.

To have a general info about the application form you may refer to the Draft Application Form

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